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Gentleshaw Primary School

Gentleshaw Primary School The village school, now Gentleshaw Primary, was built in 1878 and enlarged in 1882. Previously children attended lessons in a schoolroom attached to the School House, now a residential dwelling in Darlings Lane. Children paid a penny a week, and while payment could be made in kind, such as soap or eggs, the child who brought none at all was immediately sent home.

The school consisted of three classrooms, divided by moveable partitions, two little porches and a small back yard. The premises were finally modernised in 1958 with the addition of a hall, kitchen, flush toilets and automatic heating system.

To accommodate a rising school population three extra classrooms and additional cloakrooms were added in 1967. Now there are five classrooms and the school roll is some 130+ pupils.

Technology has progressed to the school with computers available for learning and the children have the benefit of excellent teachers in good surroundings.

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